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Updated 20/7/16

Foxborough Kennels Ltd Foxborough Hill


CT13 0NY

Fully licensed breeding and boarding kennels.

Tel 01304 619972

Mob 07970 777470

E-mail valmayfoxborough@aol.com

Opening times

Monday                     Closed

Tuesday           10.30 - 5.30     by appointment

Wednesday     10.30 - 5.30     by appointment

Thursday         10.30 - 5.30     by appointment

Friday              10.30 - 5.30     by appointment

Saturday         10.30 - 5.30     no appointment necessary

Sunday            9.30 - 1.00       no appointment necessary


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Free microchipping and insurance

All puppies will be micro-chipped and insured for free


Our stud dogs have been very busy if you require puppies by any of them please give us a call.   

On our puppies page you will be able to see puppies available by our stud dogs in the local area.

French Bulldog

Miniature Poodles

Wire Haired Fox Terriers

Cocker Spaniels

German Shepherds Long Coated